Who We Are

Ho Math and Chess is a specialty math after school learning centre headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Intrigued by the relationship between math and chess and after teaching chess to his son, Mr. Frank Ho, a Canadian certified math teacher, started Ho Math and Chess over 16 years ago. His long term devotion of research led him to create the world’s first integrated math and chess workbook for elementary students in 1997.

Ho Math and Chess has become a well-known and very reputable learning centre. In 2004, Frank started to franchise his teaching method and ideas worldwide. Today, Ho Math and Chess is the world leading research organization in the field of math and chess integrated teaching. Ho Math and Chess offers traditional school math plus emphasis on problem solving.

The mission of Ho Math and Chess is to challenge each student's potential to the fullest and to excel each student's problem-solving ability to the highest by providing a unique and enriched mathematics program. Our objectives are for students to take pride in their problem-solving abilities, to develop their independent thinking skills and to excel in their school mathematic grades. We also strive to maintain high achievers in mathematics.

Our teaching philosophy is to help every student tap into their potential and curiosity, using a variety of problem-solving materials and hands-on materials. This tradition of emphasizing problem-solving skills and placing as much importance to them as computation, is the foundation of all Ho Math and Chess learning centres worldwide.

Ho Math and Chess Headquarter website

Ho Math and Chess Burnaby is run by Dave Lo, an experienced instructor who has a Bachelor of Science degree (Honours program) from UBC and has completed the chess and mathematical chess puzzles training course at Ho Math and Chess training headquarter, Canada. Dave loves mathematics and describes math with adjectives such as "cool", "fun", "beautiful", and "elegant". He is fond of saying "Don't just show the answers, show the thinking!" His math heroes include Martin Gardner (recreation mathematics), Douglas Hofstadter (Godel Escher Bach), Raymond Smullyan (recreation logic), Ian Stewart (math curiosities), Theoni Pappas (Joy of Math), Richard Benjamin (mathemagician), Vi Hart (mathfull videos), Eugenia Cheng (math and cooking).